Apple Software Update

Apple Software Update

Find the latest updates for Apple appls: iTunes, Quicktime, Safari, etc.

Apple Software Update is an application that helps us find the latest updates and drivers for our programs or applications by Apple, for Mac and Windows operating systems.
It automatically informs us which programs have an update or a new driver available to download. The application can be programmed to look for updates daily, weekly or monthly. The benefit of updating a program is that errors and bugs of previous versions can be eliminated.

Apple Update Software allows us to download updates for the following programs: Quicktime Player, iTunes, Safari for Windows, or Quicktime Player + iTunes together.

The use of this program is very simple, just open the application, and it will automatically search for updates. Then, we can choose which programs we want to update, and it is responsible for downloading and installing the files. The download speed just depends on our Internet connection.

In version 2.1 you will find an option to disable unwanted updates, like those in different languages. This application is available with Quicktime Player, Safari, and iTunes, for both, Mac and Windows OS.

Review summary


  • Patched errors and bugs
  • Updates automatically or manually


  • Not direct download url. It can be installed with iTunes or Quicktime
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